Thursday, November 6, 2014

Who is bad at blogging ....

In a little plane while B is the pilot! It was his anniversary present!
Hello! My name is Julie - you may not remember me because I have not blogged in forever ... but I do exist!

As you know if you have read any previous posts... I am not the best at taking daily pictures, but lets do a little recap of life.

One big thing to update you on - I ran the Detroit Marathon!
It was a great race - amazing weather, well organized, beautiful, flat, and just pretty darn enjoyable. I got a PR (personal record), which means I have run 9 marathons and it was my fastest time! I had really consistent times throughout the whole race, so I was pretty proud and just felt really good about the race as a whole.
So good in fact ... that I drank a large glass of champagne!
My only picture of marathon weekend ... priorities?
I would recommend the Detroit marathon (or especially the half marathon) to anyone. Just picture this ... going over the Ambassador Bridge to Canada as the sun is rising ... just awesome! 

Other updates ... I am still taking my Human Anatomy and Physiology course and doing well. I have to admit, I have a pretty easy teacher, so this semester is not too overwhelming. Come back to me this summer when I am cramming Organic Chemistry into 8 weeks! 

Another HUGE update .... Yosey turned 1! She is growing up soooo fast! 
We celebrated with a birthday appropriate scarf, "pupcakes", a few fun gifts, and a play date with her best doggie friend! I think she had a good day and I hope she felt as loved as she is =)

 Now ... why I have I not been blogging ... and what is the future of this blog ... 
I can lie to you and say I have been pretty busy trying to balance work, school, family, and traveling ... but that would be a lie and I hate using the busy excuse. I have had time to blog ... I just have not done it. 

Blogging is confusing and I just cannot figure out the direction I want to take this blog. If I want this blog to be filled with tips and tricks for living a healthy lifestyle and I want strangers to come and do my workouts and try my recipes ... well that is really hard. I think that is the direction I would love to take this blog, but I cannot do it justice at this point in my life. 

I could just have this blog be a journal of my life .... and I LOVE reading blogs like this ... but when I go to sit down to write about my weekend or life, I feel really self absorbed and I wonder who is actually interested in hearing about my 11 mile run (other than my loving mom who loves when I blog about my life =)

Therefore, I am going to keep this blog ... and if I have an awesome workout to share or I remember to take pictures when making butternut squash pasta - I will pop on and share it with the world! But for now I am taking a hiatus. 

Do I regret starting this endeavor - absolutely not! I have really enjoyed figuring out the technology side of the blog and thinking up posts - and I have always wanted to take the leap and I am proud of myself for doing it. 

Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. Hey Julie. How are you! Are you ever coming back to the blog? I hope all is well. Just thinking about that time last year when we were foodie penpals and wondering how you are.



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