Friday, August 15, 2014

Five Things Friday 8.15.14

Whoooo Friday! 

Instead of Fitness Friday (see Monday's post for some running inspiration), I decided to participate in Clare's "Five Things Friday." Clare has a really successful blog called Fitting it all In
that hits on living a balanced and healthy life! Clare just made a career change too - she is going back to medical school! Funny to think that she will be a doctor before I finish my crazy long path to becoming an RD.

"Five Things Friday" serves as a quick recap of my favorite eats and drinks, favorite workouts, and happy moments of the week! I thought it would be a great week to participate, since I just posted about remembering to stop and be grateful for the happy things! 

Since this is my first week participating ... I have to admit ... I did not do very well remembering to photograph everything from the week. I will get better and have more pictures on future "Five Things Friday!"

Five Things I Ate: 

  •  Homemade chicken curry 
    • I was sick of the traditional Mexican and Italian dishes I was making, so I decided to spice things up a bit and made chicken curry! With red chili paste and coconut milk and tons of veggies ... it was pretty tasty! It will be something I keep tweaking - but B liked it too. 
  • Corn on the Cob 
    •  I LOVE fresh corn on the cob, so when it is in season ... I always try to take advantage! B bought 12 ears at the Farmer's market on Saturday, so we have been enjoying it boiled, microwaved, and grilled. So good and fresh - it does not even need butter!
  • Baba Ganoush  
    • Baba ga WhAt? Baba Ganoush is a Mediterranean spread that is made with eggplant. I would compare it to hummus, but with eggplant. We (ok ok, it is B's garden ... I do very little to help out) have a little garden on our patio, and we B harvested some eggplant recently. There is only so much roasted eggplant that you can eat ... so I decided to use it to make homemade Baba Ganoush! Since it was my first shot at making it, I would say it is not bad -- but the recipe is definitely not ready to share on the blog yet.
  •  A Fruit Baby
    • I went to a baby shower on Saturday and the amazing host made the below fruit baby. How cute is that?!? And delicious!
  • Greek Yogurt & Cereal & Granola
    • This is not exciting, but it gives you a peek into my everyday eats! I am the type of person that could eat the same thing everyday ... so I do for breakfast. Greek yogurt, half a frozen banana, and whatever other fruit I have around. I top it with Honey Bunches of Oats and sometimes a little granola for added crunch (usually not too much granola because it has a lot of added sugars and calories ... I know Honey  Bunches of Oats has added sugar too ... balance?). 

Five Workouts:

 - 8 mile morning run (great way to start the week and great company!)
 - Taught Barre Class in the evening - had almost a full class! Great class and was extra sore?

- 6 mile morning run (hilly!)

- HILL WORKOUT - 5 LONG hill repeats - 7 miles total (thanks to Laura & Kristy for joining)

- Rest Day from running
- Walk around the Arb with a friend and her cute baby

- 9 mile morning run

Five Pins:

I love polka dots, I love full skirts and unique details - this outfit is so perfect and fun! (Source)
Too cute not to share - but also reminds me that Yosey is not a puppy anymore =( (Source)
So true! Especially for B! (Source)
How delicious does this look! (Source)
Need to remind myself too! (Source)

Five Things Making me Happy: 

  • Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights (the TV series) ... he makes me happy =) I LOVE the TV series Friday Night Lights. I have already seen all 5 seasons, but B has not ... so it has become the show that B and I watch together to relax every once in a while. Curling up on the couch with B and watching my favorite show -- that makes me happy! 
  • Michigan summer weather! Nice and cool in the morning for an amazing run, and then warms up to that perfect high 70s (low 80s) temperature during the day! (Ignore the floods that recently just hit Detroit this Monday ... that was rare). 
  • Noonday Trunk Show I attended on Wednesday evening at a good friend's house.
    Noonday Collection is an accessory/ jewelery line with some amazing items. Noonday's mission is to create economic opportunity for the vulnerable. They partner with artisans in the developing world, empowering them to grow sustainable businesses. By creating a marketplace for their goods, they create dignified jobs at living wages. The thing that I think makes Noonday unique from other impactful jewelry lines - their stuff is amazing and SOOO cute! Therefore, you are making a difference and getting something that is gorgeous and well made. Check them out for Christmas gifts??
  • My weekend plans to go to Chicago to see my best friend from childhood. We have plans to hang out at the pool all weekend with her 2 kiddos ... could not be more excited! (long run on Lakeshore ... yes please!)
  •  Bulk Bins! I get way to excited when a store has bulk bins! I love to control the amount I get and I love to sample (don't act like you have never sampled from a bulk bin!). If I bought a whole pre-packaged bag of plantain chips or trail mix, I would eat it all and be sick (self control issues sometimes), but a bulk bin allows me to get a single serving that I will most likely eat in the car on the way home.
    YOUR TURN! What has made you happy this week? Or what delicious food have you eaten?

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