Monday, August 4, 2014

Who is hungover from the weekend ...

Happy Monday!

I feel like I always comment about Mondays ... but Mondays after vacations are rough ... full catch up week ahead of me - just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

First, I wanted to thank Watts for stepping in while I was on vacation and I can't wait for her next pop in post! She is a pretty motivational person and lives what I like to call "fake life" on the California coast, so she has tons to share!!

Second, I want to say I accomplished what Watts mentioned in her second post ... I am hungover (not literally)  from the week - we jammed a lot of activity into our short vacation up to Northern Michigan!
I am already working on a whole blog post about it for later in the week, and I am excited to share ways to sneak activity into your vacation!

When I start to dread the upcoming work week ... I always try to think of all of things I have to look forward to and as Watts likes to say sometimes ... "live for the weekends!"
Here are some of the things that I can look forward to coming up!

  • My momma is coming up to Ann Arbor to do a 1.2 mile swim in Michigan (yes, my mom is a stud!)
  • I am going to visit a good friend in Chicago and spend time with her kids!
  • I am going to Indy for my nieces baptism and get to see a lot of family and friends!!
  • My birthday month is coming up =) (I love birthdays!)
  • I booked a trip to CALI to visit Watts with my other best friend Lizzy ... I should add a countdown on the blog! I am soooo excited! 
  • B and I are going to the Michigan vs. Penn State NIGHT football game with my brother and his wife Carrie! 
  • Detroit Marathon! 
  • Homework ... wait? Nope ... not really looking forward to homework, but excited for classes to start! 
Basically I am one lucky girl and I have a lot of fun things to look forward to! 

What are you excited about??

I will leave you with a picture of Yosey girl because I missed her while I was gone!!!

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