Friday, August 1, 2014

To being hungover on Monday…

Good you’re back for more… another blog post from Watts while Julie is (hopefully) having an amazing time up in Northern Michigan.

It’s the end of the week, but just the beginning of the weekend!! Now, I realize this is an obvious statement, but recently (since I’ve moved to California) I can almost feel my body bracing itself when I think about my weekends. And, I’m not bracing for bad reason – I’m bracing because feel like I have to hang on to life a little tighter on Saturday and Sunday.

I have to hold on so tight that my knuckles turn white as try with every muscle in my body to remember the smallest of the most memorable memories. All the laughs, all the bike rides, all salt from the ocean and the soft bark from the skinny Redwood trees. I have to buy gelato in Triburon in the middle of that take-your-breath-away-type of bike ride. I have to appreciate my cracked lips from the cold wind that blows a little colder under the Golden Gate Bridge when I’m sailing for the very first time. I have to sing out loud at the outdoor concert, proudly wear Mickey ears and jump into the sunset. I have to brace myself for the weekend. And all the fun that comes with it.

If I’m being honest…I’ve learned this aggressive weekend lifestyle from Julie. She is the best damn planner I’ve ever met; and she’ll be damned, if we let one second of the day slip away without fun. I admire that quality. I admire that she brings adventure, and farmers markets, and long runs and dinner parties, and pillow talk and cupcake frosting wars into my life. Julie taught me that it only takes a little bit of planning for the rest of the adventure to unfold. My California lifestyle is largely credited to Julie and how she taught me that adventures are  anywhere you want. So, regardless of whether you are in Indiana, or Michigan, or California seek out adventure. Diverge from your typical Saturday and Sunday. Do as Julie would do… plan an adventure! 

I can’t wait for this weekend -- I have many plans waiting to unfold and a new bike route to conquer, but I do hope you have a few plans for yourself. And, if you don’t… that's okay! It's only Friday –  plenty of time to plan just one little fun to-do,  and I guarantee you….. the fun will snowball all weekend long! 

Here’s to having everyone having a fun hangover on Monday! Post your pictures and your weekend stories in the comment section below. 

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