Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Who defines her happiness ...

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a good week! Did you guys see the SUPER moon this weekend. It was so bright and completely lit up the sky. I read that is was the brightest moon of the year - meaning it was the closest the moon will get to the Earth in 2014.
That is your Fun Fact of the day ... maybe that will help you get a question right at a trivia night!?!
(I love trivia nights!)

Got side tracked there for a second ... back to happiness ...

There has been a lot of things roaming the social media world about happiness and gratitude ... 100DaysofHappiness and more.
I think the topic of happiness is very interesting because essentially we are all in search of finding happiness everyday - but I think one of the biggest things that helps you, me and everyone find this perplexing emotion we call happiness is our own attitude.

You might not know, but my College major was Political Science, and one of my favorite politicians (or Americans in general) is Abraham Lincoln - and he says it best:
"Most folks are as happy as they make their minds to be."
- Abraham Lincoln

I am not writing this post as a lecture at all, because I constantly need to work on remembering to be grateful and to remind myself that my attitude and approach to different situations is up to me. 
Don't get me wrong - there are days that are just "blah" and wallowing in self pity seems like it will help - it never does ... but sometimes grumpiness happens. 

I do not want to over analyze this subject, because ironically, discussing happiness can sometimes cause others happiness levels to increase or decrease ... and I only want to help others increase and choose positivity! 

Today, I am going to use my little corner of the internet list just a few things I am grateful for and that make me happy! I encourage all of you to do this every once in while too because it is amazing how much you have to be grateful for when you focus on looking for the best! Tying this back to fitness ... I LOVE thinking about happy things and grateful things on runs ... great way to start the day with a positive run. 

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life"
- Omar Khayyam

  • My family
    •  I am very thankful for my loving family  ... I always can feel their support and know they are there for help and for fun adventures too!
      Missing the twin girls that were not born yet - almost a year old!
    • My married (in law) family also makes me so happy. They are so helpful and gracious and they have an admirable relationship with God that I hope to learn from.
  • My husband
    • B's support and love makes me happy everyday and I am so grateful that we both try to put each other first and are constantly trying to remember the others happiness. I could go on and on ... which also makes me happy =)
  • Yosey
    • She is the perfect example of happiness - She is constantly positive (tail wagging) and showing her love. She does not need fancy toys to make her day, she just wants to be played with and loved on. She always can make me smile and makes me feel so special. 
  • Traveling
    • Exploring a new city and finding fun restaurants, interesting shops, talking with new people ... so much to be happy about! I am lucky and have a some amazing trips coming up too!
  • Watching someone accomplish a fitness goal
    • I am not a crier ... I have actually been called "cold and heartless," because I do not cry in movies, but watching any sort of race or physical goal can make me sob! I love watching someone cross a finish line and be overwhelmed with pride. At my mom's swimming race on Sunday, there was a girl who was almost last place in the 10K swim, but when she crossed the finish line - she was hugged by so many loved ones and she just started crying because she had accomplished her huge goal.... and.... I started crying.
  • Farmer's markets
    • I know this seems small compared to the other points - but they make me happy!
  • Beer gardens
    • I love discovering new microbreweries and trying new beers and I love drinking outdoors - therefore, a beer garden is one of my happy places =)
  • Bike rides with fun destinations
Bike riding around Napa Valley - about to drink some bubbly!
  • Cooking dinner or baking in the kitchen with trashy TV on in the background
    • I will fully admit that I am bad at relaxing and resting (always have to feel productive)- therefore, when I am cooking in the kitchen I feel like I am accomplishing something, but I am also getting to relax and watch some mindless shows.
  • Finding the perfect gift for someone
    • My language of love is gift giving - and I find soooo much happiness in giving someone a thoughtful gift!

Share some things that makes you happy?!? It might make someone smile and say ME TOO!

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  1. Wine tasting and visiting vineyards, hiking/being outdoors, my kitty Madeline, Grego (of course), cooking, cheese and the ocean! Thanks for keeping up with the great posts!



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