Friday, August 8, 2014

Who is inspired by her momma!

My momma is my biggest fan!

Momma cheering me on at the Boston Marathon
She always makes me feel so loved and so special and is probably the best listener in history (and she has to listen to me blab a lot).

She is so selfless and would drop anything to help one of her kids or grandkids.

She is also a great role model when it comes to fitness. She has been active her whole life through tennis, walking, swimming and more. She used to wake up at 5am to walk around our neighborhood with a friend when I was little  ... and now I am following in her footsteps!

She does not let getting older hold her back either - she actually uses it as a motivator to stay active to keep her healthy. As she has gotten older, she has really started focusing on swimming and she has really excelled in it!

In 2009 she went out to San Fran with her best friend from College and they completed the swim from Alcatraz Island through the open waters of the San Fran Bay (shark filled by the way...). She and her friend were the oldest women to compete and they kicked butt!
My mom swam the 1.5 miles of wavy, currenty (that is an invented word) and cold water in 1 hour! So cool!
After the swim, my Mom won an award for her accomplishment and was featured in a huge article in her Alma Mater's magazine.
Here is a link to the well-written article -

We get to switch roles this weekend and I get to be her support system and cheer her on as she completes a 1.2 mile open water swim at a lake nearby Ann Arbor.

I am so proud of her and hope to be as active and fit as she is when I am her age!

Love ya Momma and kick some butt on Sunday!
Always include a Yosey pic =)

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