Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I kind of fell off the blog for a week or so ... I was juggling a few things and the blog ball got dropped. Last week I had two Human Anatomy tests and a work presentation and then I left for a long weekend in San Fransisco with my 2 best friends! 
More on the trip soon (pictures!!!) - but I wanted to pop in today for FOODIE PEN PAL REVEAL DAY!

I have posted about Foodie Pen Pal before, but in case you missed it .... 
Foodie Pen Pal program that Lindsay from the blog The Lean Green Bean started back in 2011.

The general concept is that once you sign up on Lindsay's site - you get connected with a "pen pal" from anywhere across the United States and you communicate a bit over email to get to know each other and then you send each other a package that can include homemade baked goodies, local delicious food items, and/or just some of your favorite products! It is such a fun way to meet someone new and try new products from across the US! You do not have to be a blogger to participate (I did when I was not a blogger), but it also a cool way for fellow foodie bloggers to connect.

There are more logistically details over on Lindsay site - so go to www.theleangreenbean.com/foodie-penpals

This month I got paired with Karen from New York City and from the blog RUN WRIGHT!
She is a fellow runner and she sent me an AWESOME box! 

Karen was so creative and sent me a whole bunch of different nuts and berries all wrapped up in cheesecloth and tied with a cute ribbon AND - because we all need chocolate, she sent me a huge dark chocolate bar that I took to work and eat for little afternoon pick me up! 

Included in the nuts were:
- Goji Berries - I have never tried them before, but I actually loved them - and they are a super food!
- Pistachios - Yumm! Enough said ... so good!
- Salted Almonds - Great healthy snack! 
- Sunflower seeds - These were not roasted, so a little different than I am use to ...
- Filberts - Unsalted, but still good!
- Pumpkin seeds 

I really really loved this box! I think I am going to copy off of her for my next box, because sometimes when I get a lot of bigger things to send to my pen pal, the shipping can get really costly  ... but all of her delicious things fit into a small box! 
Such a fun and healthy box!

 If you want to try something new and fun ... sign up for FOODIE PEN PAL!!


  1. What a fun way of doing a package- love it! And I've NEVER heard of pear and almond chocolate, but it looks seriously AMAZING!! Stopping by from the reveal :)

    1. Meg - Thanks so much for your comment! I just went over and checked out your blog ... congrats on the wedding! Looked so fun! Foodie Pen Pal is such a cool experience and I am glad you tried it for the first time!

  2. wow that's really great!! ;) not all nuts that I enjoy but I love when something has really been thought through well!

    1. Arisuchan - I agree! I did not love every kind of nut, but I enjoyed trying them all and having so many options to try!



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