Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Who is celebrating her birthday!!

(This accidentally posted for a bit on September 8th .... the 10th is my birthday!

I am going to give myself my own little Whooo! It is my birthday!

Birthdays are a really big deal in my family ... my family's language of love is gift giving and celebrating - therefore, we loved to celebrate each others' birthdays! I remember some epic birthday parties  ... tea parties, rock climbing, Halloween parties ... and more! I feel soo lucky to have those memories and the loving support system that always celebrated with me.

As we get older, birthdays  become way less about the presents and more about the loving people in our lives that take the time to wish us happy birthday and celebrate with us.
For this birthday, I am celebrating with my loving husband this evening with dinner out on the town =) and then getting drinks with some girlfriends on Friday, my parents are coming into town, and doing a race on Saturday!

Also, I want to celebrate my birthday MONTH by taking part in a little challenge I saw online. It is called the Birthday Project. The Birthday Project was created when an average lady decided to celebrate her 38th birthday by doing 38 random acts of kindness. Since she posted about her birthday idea in 2010 - Robyn Bomar has become famous for her idea and she even created a website and company around the idea! It's called The Birthday Project (click to learn more).

They are trying to change how people celebrate their birthday - and instead of "getting" - people can "give" a little bit ... and as corny as it sounds ... make the world a little better (or at least brighten someone else's day!).

I do not want to rush all of my 27 acts of kindness into one day ... so I am going to spread 27 Random Acts of Kindness over the whole month of September - and then I am going to share them all with you at the end of the month! I am really excited!

I feel very lucky to be able to celebrate 27 amazing years and all of the opportunities and adventures that lie ahead!
Lucky to celebrate with these 2 =)

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