Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Who is sharing small victories!

Good Morning Blogging world!

Cheers to Wednesday and to the middle of the week!

I am popping in today to discuss celebrating small victories. We are all very "busy" people (busy is in quotes because I think our society glorifies being busy - but that is a subject for another post!)  - but we are so busy getting through our "to do" lists, and setting new goals - that sometimes we forget to stop and celebrate the small victories.

I know we need to work hard and stay focused, but I think stopping to acknowledge and give ourselves a pat on the back for all of the amazing things we are doing everyday helps keep us motivated to keep working towards the big goal!

Therefore - what are some of your small victories??

I want to give you a high five for all of the awesome things you are doing!

Here are some small victories I want to celebrate:
  • Doing speed workouts once a week! 
    • In my past marathon training, I normally just focus on getting in daily runs and the long run, but I have been doing some speed workouts and I am really enjoying the challenge!
  • Getting a 100% on my first lab quiz in my Human Anatomy lab
    • Only 20 points, but it was a big confidence booster!
  • Meal planning for Monday and Tuesdays and having food for me and Brandon!
    • I have to rush to my Human Anatomy class on Monday and Tuesday evenings - but I have tried to think ahead and make a bigger meal on Sundays or Mondays - so that Brandon and I have leftovers to eat. 
    • I was nervous that once my classes started, I was going to become a "bad wife" and never make dinner or do laundry or clean ... but I feel like I have been able to multi-task and still stay relatively on top of house things. 
  •  Getting through my birthday week without binge eating any desserts!
    • Don't you worry - I had my fair share of desserts ... but I never went completely overboard.
  •  Starting to clean out my closet
    • I have been putting this task off forever - but I sent in a big bag of clothes to this online resale shop called ThredUp, I will let you know if I get any money back! I have more sorting and clean to do ... but I started!
  •  Not signing up for StitchFix (yet ...)
    • I have seen so many good reviews of StitchFix on other blogs, and I am sure the clothes service is amazing -- but I currently do not need a lot of new clothes, so I have not signed up even though I have been VERY tempted!
  • Writing thank you notes for some amazing birthday gifts
    • (If you have not received one yet ... it is coming =) 
I may still have 6+ years left of classes before I become an official Registered Dietitian, and I may never run under a 3:25 marathon .... but I am trying to work hard towards those big goals and more ... but I am glad I stop to enjoy the small everyday victories along the way!

Share your victories!!!

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