Monday, September 15, 2014

Mute Monday 9.15.14

What did I do this weekend you ask?? 

I hope these pictures help tell the story! (but I still need to get better at taking pictures ... anyone have any tips at remembering to take pictures?)

Birthday Flowers
15K Race for the birthday - we all got PRs and it was a perfect racing day!

Parents came to visit and we had to take them to the BIG HOUSE!

Michigan half time shows are always entertaining! 200 year celebration of the Star Spangled Banner

I forgot to take pictures at dinner ... but if you are from Ann Arbor and see this bag of leftovers, you know it was tasty! Zingerman's is an amazing local brand of businesses and we went to Zingerman's Roadhouse

Momma made me a cake, so I made my birthday wish and blew out the candles ... can't tell my wish!

Amazing Saturday ... but back to reality Sunday afternoon ... studying ...
Sunday night is prep night ... making homemade tomato sauce for the week!

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