Wednesday, July 30, 2014

While Julie's Away..... Watts will play!

Good Morning, Good Morning!

The It’s about a Girl Blog has officially been taken over!! Well, at least for this week! J Can you believe that Julie trusted me with her fantastic blog!? I’m feeling pretty darn lucky, but I must also admit I’m feeling a little nervous for my first “official post.” There has been lots of writing and re-writing and I’m finding it a little more difficult to write when I’m not speaking about bikes or triathlon. But, I suppose there’s nothing like a deadline be a friendly push to finally get something posted. So, here goes nothing…..

I’m Watts.

I’m Julie’s person. Her best friend. Julie’s been stuck with me since the great year of 2006.What a fantastic year.... our freshman year in college. I need not go any further in my explanation because everyone understands the epic-ness of their freshman year of college. It didn't take very long at all before Julie and I were the best of friends. Looking back, it’s probably fair to say we were pretty inseparable. Many miles as teammates, equates to many life chats and most importantly, many laughs. We shared all the good stuff. We were the very definition of friendship – and still are.

I grew up in Mesa, Arizona and believe with every ounce of my heart, that fate brought me to DePauw University. Fate also brought me to the same dorm and the same hallway as Julie – just a few doors down.  However, unlike Julie, I did not go to DePauw to be a volleyball player. I have extremely tender forearms. From the very beginning, I was a runner. My running career started in the 7th grade and trust me… I can talk to you until I’m blue in the face or until you’re bored to tears about how wonderful it was to be a collegiate athlete. Amazing. I am who I am because of my experience as a DePauw student-athlete.

Post college I was looking for something a little different than putting one foot in front of the other. Fate struck again and I signed up for my first triathlon in 2010 and did pretty darn good. I’m a little competitive (okay… a lot competitive) so when I won my age group in the first two races I signed up for, I was hooked. I got bit hard and fast by the triathlon bug. And I LOVE IT.  Fast forward three years, I have close to 15 triathlons of experience and two of those triathlons are at the Ironman distance -  Ironman Wales and Ironman World Championship.

In summary, I’m a lot like the author of this blog. Like Julie, I’m obsessed with fitness and being outside. I take friends, family and health very seriously, and I strongly believe we are in charge of our own happiness. But, I’m grateful when fate steps in and surprises me. J Currently, I still spend much of my time with friends, family, and triathlon – but in the last 8 months fate has brought me to California to work at Specialized Bicycle Company. I miss my people in the Midwest something terrible, but for right now I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

To close this little mini introduction I’m going to copy Julie’s style. She likes to include quotes in many of her posts so as a true copycat, I too, would like to share a quote that has become somewhat of a personal philosophy as I've transitioned to California, “when was the last time you did something for the first time.”

Take a moment to think about what this quote means to you and know that the challenge has been thrown out......  Can you do something for the first time by the end of today?!

**If you’re successful in this challenge make sure share your story in the comment section!! **

Oh, and thanks for reading! Stop by on Friday for round two of Watts blabber! 

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