Thursday, July 3, 2014

Who learns a lot from her puppy ...

Happy Thursday everyone ... but because this is 4 day week ... HAPPY FRIDAY!! WhooooHooo - Love holidays and 3 day weekends! 

I just got back from Boston and plan to do a little recap of my trip next week (I can't wait to tell you about 2 new fitness classes I tried)! Today, I am catching up on work and then packing up and making food for a family 4th of July weekend in Louisville with my whole family. It is awesome that B has the weekend off and can come too!!

So - this is a health/fitness themed blog, but I also want to give peeks into my everyday life and let you get to know my family too! One important part of our little family is our puppy, Yosey! 

Yosey is wise beyond her years (even her dog life years), and I want to share her wisdom with you guys ... therefore, I decided I am going to do occasional posts called "Lessons from Yosey." They will be somewhat related to health and fitness and hopefully they will make you smile and also make an impact =)

Lessons from Yosey

#1) To live a happy and balanced life, it is essentially to let loose and splurge every once in a while by enjoying a drink (especially microbrews!) or your favorite dessert! 

Do not worry - we do not let our puppy drink ...

BUT - Make sure you live in moderation and don't go overboard!

#2) Always make staying active a priority - even in the dead of winter!

BUT - there are some days that you just want to chill and relax, and that is ok too! You always need rest days!

#3) It is important to study and work hard to achieve your dreams (such as growing up to be a doctor like your Daddy!).

Yosey knows best!


  1. Loving your blog, literally laughed out loud at "Do not worry - we do not let our puppy drink" ! But also did you know they make beer for dogs?!?

    1. Maria - thanks so much for commenting! I can't believe they make beer for dogs? Also, I just surfed around a bit on your blog and loved it! Thanks for reaching out!



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