Friday, July 25, 2014

Who shares a "Crossfit" style workout ...

Happy Friday Friends!
Can you believe it is the end of July already ... I can't! This summer is flying by, but a short summer vacation is coming up, so I am very excited!!

I wanted to pop in this Friday and share a workout with you for FITNESS FRIDAY! This is a full body workout with no equipment! You can do it anywhere ... so no excuses =)

I am saying this workout is inspired by Crossfit ... but I have actually never tired Crossfit. I am uneducated about Crossfit because of my lack of experience - but I just do not think it is the right fit for me.
BUT - the following workout is inspired by Crossfit because it uses the AMRAP method. AMRAP stands for As Many Reps As Possible. Therefore, below you will find 3 separate circuit workouts, and you will try to go through each circuit as many times as possible (with good form) for the allotted time. This allows you to really push yourself for a certain time period and also allows you to really target certain areas with repetitive moves.

Also - you can keep track of how many rounds you get of each circuit and write it down. Then - go back and do this workout again and see if you can improve. Compete against yourself!

Let's get to it! Click on the exercise to take you to a link that will demonstrate the move.

AMRAP Bodyweight Workout

First, warm up with either a short run or dynamic warm up drills - make sure your body is nice and warm and you are starting to sweat!

Round 1
6 minute round

1) 20 alternating lateral jumps (total)
2) 20 basic squats
3) 20 knee hug crunches
4) 10 pike push ups

** Take a 3 minute break, but keep moving

Round 2
6 minute round

1) 20 mountain climbers (10 on each side)
2) 20 side tricep pushups (10 on each side)
3) 10 sea turtles (bent arm)
4) 15 plyo jacks

** Take another 3 minute break, but keep moving

Round 3 (put it all together)
12 minute round

1) 20 alternating lateral jumps
2) 10 basic squats
3) 20 knee hug crunches
4) 10 pike push ups
5) 20 mountain climbers
6) 20 side tricep pushups
7) 15 plyo jacks
8) 10 sea turtles

If you want a really intense workout you can go through the circuits again, or do a cool down and stretch!

What are you up to this weekend?

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