Friday, July 11, 2014

Who hates the treadmill ...

Celebrate! Celebrate! You made it to Friday!
I am a big believer in celebrating accomplishments big and small (it makes life fun - and it is an excuse for champagne), and I try to not always celebrate with food -- so instead I will celebrate with.....

Dreadmill Cardio Workout

I truly hate the treadmill, I find it boring and time slows down when I am on the treadmill, because one mile feels soooo long! But - this past Monday morning I woke up for my usually AM run and there was a horrible thunderstorm. Therefore, I had to move on to plan B - which was running on the treadmill in the little indoor gym at our condo complex. Since I simply cannot run 4-5 miles straight on the treadmill I made up a workout that left me sweaty and tired ... so I thought I would share it with you.

1) Run 1 mile on the Treadmill (with the following pacing)
  • 2 minutes at warm up pace (varies for everyone, conversational, easy)
  • 2 minutes at race pace (breathing hard but not sprinting - could sustain for a whole race)
  • 1 minute sprint 
  • Repeat time cycle until you have run a full mile
2) Step off the treadmill and do the following cardio/strength drills (click on the exercise for a demo)
3) Repeat the mile on the treadmill and the drills (each round will be around 15 minutes depending on your running pace)
  • Keep alternating the paced mile and the drills until you reach your desired distance     
** Once you have finished, make sure you leave time to stretch, because this workout is tough on the legs! **

This workout broke up the monotony of the treadmill running and managed to give me a quick arm workout too! I ran 4 miles total and ended with running, so I did 3 rounds of the drills.

Also, if it is a beautiful day outside and you still want to do a similar workout - you can modify this workout and just run outside. It would be like a running boot camp ... run a mile (or pick a time if you do not have garmin, such as 8 minutes) and then stop and do the drills, and then start running again. 

Since it is Friday, it means it is weekend time! Any fun weekend plans? 
We are in town this weekend and I have multiple random activities planned - such as a tour of the Big House (Michigan's Football Stadium), and possibly going paddle boarding or a long bike ride with B! I have never gone paddle boarding, so I will obviously report back! 


  1. Jay and I did this one this weekend! It was tough, but the time flew by! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ahhh!! This makes me sooo happy! I hope all is well - I miss you!



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